Screening Process

A Smarter Investment

We offer tailored staffing solutions, ranging from temporary placements to direct hires to fulfill the specific staffing needs of our clients. Our deep pool of talent and rigorous vetting processes ensure that we match employers with only the best candidates, saving them time and resources in their hiring process with our 4-step candidate screening.

IT Staffing Services

Pillar Consulting Group provides three key talent services—contract staffing, direct placement, and contract-to-hire. Each of these staffing solutions is tailored to the diverse needs of our partners, ensuring efficient and personalized care for businesses seeking IT talent.


With our contract staffing services, Pillar caters to your organization's short-term IT needs. We connect businesses with highly skilled and specialized IT professionals for defined project durations. 

Whether it is to cover temporary gaps, handle specific projects, or address seasonal demands, our contract staffing solutions offer flexibility and immediate expertise, allowing companies to scale their workforce efficiently.

Direct Placement

Our direct placement services focus on finding the right IT talent for permanent roles within your organization. We leverage our extensive network and rigorous screening process to identify and present top-tier candidates who align with your company's culture, goals, and technical requirements. We manage the recruitment process from start to finish, ensuring a seamless transition for your team.


With our contract-to-hire staffing solutions, Pillar offers a unique blend of flexibility and assessment. This service allows companies to evaluate a candidate's performance, culture fit, and skill set on a contract basis before making a permanent hiring decision. It provides an opportunity for both the employer and the candidate to ensure mutual compatibility and long-term success.

Our "X Factor"

At Pillar Consulting, we revolutionize the candidate selection process, transcending mere resume matching. We embody speed, integrity, and unparalleled professionalism, guided by exceptional communication. Our rigorous selection process prioritizes not only skills and experience but also culture fit, unwavering honesty, and superior written and verbal communication. We take immense pride in cultivating enduring relationships with our consultants, enabling us to secure top-tier talent for our partners. 

Each consultant is treated as a valued individual, fostering trust and respect throughout their journey with us. This approach ensures alignment between candidate expertise and client needs, guaranteeing access to the industry's most talented and driven professionals.